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************ New Project ***********

Okay y'all, I'm really excited about this one. Here's what I got so far:

At bookcheck I was contacted by by the director (I think) of the "International Office" about something they hold for the international students starting out here that don't know english well. I think it is the "English Conversation Club" (don't hold me to the details), but the idea is that they have a bunch of regular people come and just talk in ordinary English (which is a bit different that what you might say, learn in a class) with the international students.

Its Friday 3:30, goes for about an hour, and she said they could use a small group. I'm thinking we need to get together a group of like 3-5 ppl to go do it this Friday.

They'll continue doing every week this month too I think. They have other events as well, which i hope we can get involved in. Also, think of it like this, there are something like 2,000 international students on campus, with a lot of those just getting here, that's hundreds and hundreds of people unfamiliar to the school and the area, looking for things to do, and we have a project where we have an opportunity to just sit and talk with them for an hour. In case you haven't noticed, the big red rush flag should be popping up in your head right about now. And I've had it pointed out to me that we've had other international students looking into our orginization before (not to mention that many of these people are here for a full 4 years), so I believe citizenship matters aren't a problem. Honestly, you couldn't make up a project better for rush.

If you're available and would be in for doing this leave a comment.
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