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Hey guyses :) I hope everyone is having a good summer.

I've been planning stuff for the fall semester and it came to my attention that our adopt-a-highway contract was not renewed last spring. Therefore...if we want to keep doing adopt-a-highway we need to re-adopt one. I'll definitely ask the whole brotherhood what they think about this when school starts up...but I have a feeling the adoption process might take a I wanted to see if I could go ahead and determine the general interest. If everyone hates doing adopt-a-highway then I guess we can just find other projects, it is nice though in that it is a project we can do whenever we choose (easy way to add more hours if people need them at the end of a semester) and we only HAVE to do it once every 3 months. Plus it means we get our name on a sign on the highway and its just a good thing to do in general...everyone likes a litter-free highway :)
I appreciate your input :)
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