mulletman (theanphibian) wrote in apo_iota_lambda,

Calendar website stuff

Ok, so here's the deal, I am going to keep this public calendar of ALL events going on with this chapter that come to my knowledge:

If you want access so you can add stuff by yourself, email or comment and I'll add you in like 5 seconds. If there's something that seriously shouldn't be public information on it, tell me and I'll remove it.

The fact is that the website and calendar has always sucked. Every time we kept a calendar or blog it was an unnecessary inconvenience to the officers at the time to go way out of their way to get access and put something on the site that was made with way left field architecture just to have it dropped by officers who couldn't care less about it next semester and no consistent management of the site. This has happened multiple times and has shown that redesigning the site just starts the cycle over again.

This one can be embedded into other sites, the people who schedule the events don't have to be the ones to post them, and it has reasonable security.

Feel free to use it. If you don't like it, I don't care.

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