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National Convention

Posted from the alpha phi omega community:

The following is a message from the 2006 National Convention Coordinator,


Hello, my name is David Keely and I am the Convention Coordinator for the upcoming 2006 Alpha Phi Omega National Convention in Louisville, KY. As you know, this will take place at the Galt House Hotel in downtown Louisville December 27th through the 30th, 2006.

The National Fraternity and the Convention Planning Committee are working hard and doing their best to plan the biggest and best convention the fraternity has ever seen! To do that, we need one more thing: YOU!

Now is the time to start planning for convention – even though it’s over 4 months away! The first thing to do is to start thinking about how you will fund convention. Some schools will pay for some or all of your registration. Some chapters will pay for the registration for the voting delegates. But for most of you out there – you’re on your own! So now is the time to start planning those fund-raising projects!

The cost for registration is $65 dollars for students and advisors. The cost for the Fellowship and Awards banquets are $30 and $35 each – of course you’ll want to go to those! The hotel will be approximately $80 per night including taxes for quad occupancy (sorry, no more than four per room!). Throw in some food and that works out to around $250 per person not including transportation to and from Louisville. It might sound like a lot but think about what you get for that money: the ability to help shape the future of the fraternity, an opportunity to meet brothers from all over the country, attend informative and fun workshops lead by the best speakers that the fraternity and the community have to offer and a chance to have a really, really good time!

My suggestion to you is this: start thinking now about raising some money to help offset some of the costs for your chapter’s delegates. Whether this is something that the whole chapter could work on, the exec board or a committee made for this purpose – get started NOW!

Let’s get the discussion rolling about what to do – why don’t we start a discussion thread where you post your fundraising ideas and questions here? Anyone have any great ideas?

I can’t wait to see you in Louisville!

In the true spirit of brotherhood,

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