mulletman (theanphibian) wrote in apo_iota_lambda,

English Conversation Club

Firstly, does anyone care to do this project? I had a hard time getting ppl together to go to this simple, 1 hour long project. I don't have much of a will to organize it again if it's gona be the same responce from us. But still, this is a GREAT project, and apparently they have a shortage on english speakers at this point. Common, are you gona abondon you're international friends :(

Secondly, they're having it tommorow and could use more ppl (they had 28 international students, and 20 english speakers there last week). I haven't even tried to get it approved, send out an email, yadayda. So whatever, sup to y'all, I'll probably just start going to it as an individual if no one else has the time or desire to do it.
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